The 5 Critical Skills

want to accelerate your career? master these skills

As I always say, the skills that get a woman into middle management are not the skills that will get her out.  Being a heads down worker who is highly skilled at your job, maybe even the best at your job is simply not enough to break through to an executive role.  Making sure those around you are aware of your capabilities and advocate on your behalf is critical to your future success. 

Pro-Tip: Spend 20% LESS time on your core job and reallocate that time to building your network or honing other core skills that will get you further, faster.  


The earlier you learn these skills the faster you'll be able to accelerate your own career and ensure you are paid at the top of the slope.  The key to these five skills is that they all interconnected. You can't negotiate well unless you know how to advocate for yourself. You can't manage without a strong network (where else will you find your next superstar?). And you won't be given the opportunity to lead without understanding the economics of your business and your clients business, (financial Acumen). 


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Alli Young