I was recently interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts called, Women Killing It!  where I shared The Five Skills that open new opportunities and improve career acceleration for women....Why don't you take a listen...HERE

As I reflect on the podcast, I realize The Forem is really about maximizing human potential, and perhaps one reason I pivoted to 'people' is because the industry I love and thrive in has been pivoting to machines through automation and AI.  As much as machines make our lives easier, it's the brilliance of people that disrupt industries, it's people who create art, who find new ways to love and who connect in deep and meaningful ways with one another. Thus, The Forem is focused on getting the most out of people.

At The Forem we coach executives how to lead with heart, compassion and empathy to get the most out of a team. And we teach women how to work smarter, not harder while getting ahead faster. Yes, faster!  It’s enormously rewarding to see our clients maximize the human potential of those around them. 

So, how can you get involved in The Forem? We have three ways:

1.  Bring us into your company for corporate training or client events. Introduce us to your Head of HR, Head of Sales or just send a note to coach@theforem.co to learn more.  

2. Looking to supercharge your career, pivot or get support as your grow? Email us at coach@theforem.co and we'll be in touch to discuss career strategies.

3. Get involved day-to-day. Follow and share @theforem.co on social media for daily career advice. For speaking engagements, press and media, email Ariana Macrina: ariana.macrina@gmail.com.  

Future emails will focus on The Five Skills that get you further, faster in your career.  Our advice is curated from Google Leaders, PhD's, Executive Coaches, Executives from Sony, Nestle, IPG, McKinsey and Harvard Business Review.  And we can't wait to share. 

I look forward to working with you, sharing with you and learning from you.


CEO @ TheForem.co

Alli Young