Netta Jenkins, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at IAC

Meet Netta Jenkins: major inspiration, keynote speaker, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at IAC Applications. The list goes on. 87% of IAC Apps employees feel that they work in an inclusive environment with managers who value differences - because of Netta. She aims to make sure everyone is represented at the table (without needing to bring a folding chair for themselves.) Netta currently leads the charge on IAC’s mission to foster an inclusive, collaborative, and forward-thinking workplace. Her focus on people, products, and programs educate and inspire employees across the company’s five businesses

There aren’t too many companies that Google calls “a star example of a company pushing towards gender equality as well as overall cultural equality.” Again, because of Netta. Forbes has even said “Netta Jenkins has a strong understanding of what empowering people in the workplace can do for the growth of the company”. 

And of course, there’s a book on the way. Netta is launching her groundbreaking, cutting-edge, practical book in 2019! This is the book on diversity and inclusion that every org needs to implement proven strategies that will help retain, attract, boost employee performance, create a true inclusive culture and boost revenue significantly. Plus, if you thought a book was next level, let’s talk about her new TV show. OnlyGood.TV is creating a show about Jenkins work around diversity and inclusion where she’ll offer solutions to clients and individuals facing challenges at their company.

Clearly, we could go on and on about Netta, her accomplishments, and the waves she’s making in regards to diversity, but instead, we decided to ask her a few questions about her role, advice she needed as a young professional, and what she’s working on for herself lately. 

What advice would you give your younger self? 

I would tell my younger self not to get upset when change doesn’t happen immediately. If I continue to work on creating change, I will see effective results in the long-run. My work won’t go in vain.

How do you think about your corporate role at IAC Apps vs your passion projects? 

My role at IAC Apps is my lifelong passion project. From a young age, I was focused on unity, peace, love, equality and it’s the very thing I do in my corporate role. I have been blessed with the opportunity to create a safe space that enables all people to have a seat at the table. 

Which of The Forem's Five Skills did you recently recommend to a friend, or mentee to think about and why? 

I currently focus on personal branding. I think it’s very important to brand yourself because it’s an excellent way to connect with inspiring people and build relationships. As a result of my personal branding efforts for the last 9 months, I have been featured in Forbes; 41 speaking engagements under my belt -year to date; contacted by a recruiter almost every day; recently booked to speak in Amsterdam, and contacted to be a host for 2 shows. Personal branding is powerful and has moved my career to another level! I encourage everyone to focus on this as well.

Alli Young