Hello friends!

I'm gearing up for a trip to sunny LA where I'm speaking at several events, all focused on Personal Branding.  I thought you may want to hear the two most asked questions I field as it relates to Personal Branding... 

  • How do I begin thinking about my own personal brand?

  • Can I be my authentic self while still developing a brand?

The answer is simply this, your brand is an extension of YOU.  It should be based on traits, skills, and passions that align directly with your great strength(s) and it’s really up to you to help people understand and articulate what that is. 


When I run branding workshops, I keep it simple by asking attendees what their ‘secret strength’ is.  We discuss the work that excites each attendee and how that work ladders into strategic corporate initiatives.  


We usually start fairly tactically such as..."I am a great connector" or "I love building powerpoints" or "I quickly build trust with clients" or "I translate data into insights" and then we ladder it into CEO goals such as driving revenue or operational rigor.


If you want to start this process now, you can! Think about the work that excites you, write it down and outline where you show up your best and where else you can do the work you love most.


Your brand should reflect the very best of you..And when you start fostering a brand based on your strengths your colleagues, managers and influencers start noticing and more work is given to you that align with those strengths.  That of course increases your chance of executing at the highest of levels which then accelerates your career.


I love leading brand workshops and welcome the opportunity to bring it to your company OR work with you on an individual basis.  Email us at to discuss.


For speaking engagements, press and media, email Ariana Macrina:  


Working with you, sharing with you and learning from you is my great joy!  Keep sharing your feedback and ideas!


Alli Young


Alli Young