#MeToo: The Year Women Woke

What a year. Remember when we couldn't wait for the last days of 2016 with worst year ever memes populating facebook newsfeeds? How does 2016 feel after living through 2017?

2017 certainly had its ups and downs.  It was tough, it was jarring and on many days it felt relentless. But it was also an enormous year for women.  We started the year in late January with The Women's March which unified women all over the world into a powerful movement.  We started finding our voices, speaking out and moving out of our silos to band together to fight for a better world.

We close out 2017 at the tail end of the #MeToo's but the beginning of a new revolution. Where women refuse to be silenced. Where women are finding ways to ensure their voices continue to be heard and advocate for themselves.  Where thousands of women are getting involved in politics, policy and government. Where women like myself are dedicating our time and lives to supporting women in a myriad of different ways. The more we give and connect the more we grow and find our life’s work.

Despite the women’s movement I won't miss 2017 much.  Many days felt like a deluge of bad news - wars, fires, dreamers, immigration, taxes, healthcare, sexual assault.   But, we were also collectively woke to the challenges women face at work. From the serial predators like Weinstein to the male colleague who were demeaning to the good men who were shocked and saddened by the #MeToos and are learning what it means to be a bystander and ally.

To fight for a better future, we need to be woke. We need to clearly see the world around us and understand how to advocate for change.  I believe women will help lead us to a better, fairer world - I believe in you.

Let's continue to make it happen in 2018.

Alli Young