Jen Lockhart, VP of Brand Strategy at Gallery Media Group

Jennifer Lockhart is the VP of Brand Strategy at Gallery Media Group and is the latest working lady inspiring us to work harder for women in the workplace.

Jennifer is the VP of Brand Partnerships for Gallery Media Group in the West Coast. With almost 18 years of experience in marketing and media, she’s currently overseeing a growing sales team and advertising strategy. Previously at POPSUGAR, Evolve Media, and Glam Media, her focus has been growing impressive sales teams, as well as building important client relationships in the automotive, entertainment, and retail spaces. She has overseen some of the largest and most strategic brand partnerships, and has been responsible for growing revenue significantly year over year. Her passion for business and relationships has given her the ability to deliver results at every company she’s been a part of. She’s a proud MBA graduate of Loyola University in Maryland and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Jenn to chat about women in the workplace and the battles we continue to fight. Now while you’ll have to wait for the video, we’ve given you a sneak peak at the insight that Jenn has for us.

What are you most excited about for your career right now?

I’m most excited about building a publishing brand from the ground up in this day in age. I think this is the most interesting time in business to do this - on 2 sides of the coin there has never been more opportunity to scale something quickly with an omni-channel approach but on the other side, if don’t do it right, you just get lost in the sea of sameness. It’s super fun to think about what it means to launch something that will matter to audiences in 2018. And in my role, the ability to bring brands on that journey is incredible and challenging all in one.

Where you are looking to grow in this new role?  

I would love to grow beyond the management of tactical sales and brand partnerships into creating strategic partnership that move beyond the campaign by campaign level. What really excites me is the opportunity to be truly collaborative and create something bigger - a new brand or franchise that combines the DNA of 2 partners to create some truly interesting.

Which of The Forem's Five Skills did you recently recommend to a friend, or mentee to think about and why?

Personal branding - we live in very fast times and roles and opportunity come and go - we all need to be super clear about what we bring to the table - what are the few adjectives one would add when your name is mentioned - thinking about what you want that to be and making that something you clearly communicate and demonstrate is something I believe is key to defining your success.

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