8 Reasons A Career Coach Will Be Your Best Investment

If you don’t know what a career coach is you are not alone. Career Coaches serve as a sounding board to CEO’s, entrepreneurs and even esteemed presidents. Their goal is to identify new skills, improve leadership abilities, hone communication and find balance. Executives leverage coaches because they make them better at their job - it’s just that simple. And guess what, career coaches are no longer just for executives anymore. At The Forem, we encourage women to benefit from what coaches offer through all stages of a career.

There are plenty of reasons to hire a coach, so we compiled some of the ways career coaches have helped our team and colleagues continue to get ahead faster while finding meaningful work. Trust us, you’ll find one that resonates with you.


Start Your New Job Flawlessly

Did you know the first 90 days of a new role can impact the rest of your career? Whether you are starting a new job, new role in a different department, or changing industries, making a great first impression is critical to ensuring your new role is a success and quickly open up future opportunities and compensation. First impressions are sticky - make sure yours works in your favor by strategizing with a career coach on how to navigate company politics, build a network, assess strengths and weaknesses to better address new organizational needs.


Strategize A Custom Career Plan

While great content exists online for women, every career is unique and every person is different, which is why developing a personalized career plan is so beneficial. A career coach identifies long term goals and then maps out bite-size activities and skills required to help reach your ultimate goal. Whether you are a working mother, in transition or feel you aren’t passionate about your role, a strategist can help you see options that are hard to identify on one's own.


Find Your Passion

If you’re anything like our team at The Forem, you have skills and interests that span a number of industries and positions, which makes it very difficult to narrow down what kind of job you would like best and perform well at. And at the start of a career it’s much harder to identify roles to be passionate about, but often, there are clear tasks during the day that spark more passion than others. Whether it’s teaching a peer a new skill, presenting something you’ve learned, being in front of clients, being analytical and interpreting data, or even getting creative when coding, working with an objective person who understands your industry can help you map out your career path while setting expectations on how to get there.


Learn About Positions You’ve Never Heard of

A career coach is in tune with the plethora of jobs out there. They likely know of some that you’ve never heard of or even considered. If you’re stuck in a rut, a career coach can analyze your skills, interests, previous experience, and education and direct you to career options that could be even better for you.


Get Paid More

For a wide variety of reasons, women aren’t paid as much as their male counterparts.  It’s critical that we really focus on learning the art of negotiation and self promotion to obtain higher compensation and justify that raise and promotion.  Since compensation is a compounding asset, it is critical that women learn this as early in their career as possible. If you haven’t had formal training in negotiation, a career coach help with that! They can teach you how to approach the subject, what you should and should not accept, and help you navigate a sticky situation with a current or future employer.


Stand Out

Building a personal brand is another skill that is important to focus on and foster throughout a career. A strong personal brand helps raise your profile within an organization, get tapped for more strategic projects and easily transition to new roles or new companies. There are many strategies one needs to employ to build a brand. What does your brand say about you? If you don’t know, a coach can help to identify your brand and develop a plan to improve areas of weakness and capitalize on strengths. Personal branding is tough! Finding the right way to present yourself, both on paper and in person, is a skill in and of itself. Career coaches know how branding works for each industry and can guide you to a standout resume or work on interview questions with you so you present yourself the right way. Each industry and person is different and that one on one time with a coach can be exceptionally beneficial.


Feeling Stuck, Looking for Something New?

If you’re trying to switch industries, or even if you’re trying to switch into a new position within your current industry, career coaches can make that transition smoother. They have insight on what that other job or industry may prefer in terms of applications and resumes and can help you with your messaging to show new recruiters that this is a beneficial transition for both of you! They can also direct you to places where you can hone new skills or develop current ones that your new industry or position may find necessary.


Learn How To Deal With A Difficult Workplace.

Struggling with your boss? Dealing with a toxic colleague? Or maybe you’re a brand new manager yourself. It could even be something as serious as workplace harassment or sexism. There are tons of tricky and potentially awful situations that may arise in your workplace or career path that may have you at a loss for what to do. An experienced career coach has likely seen all of it and has the answers to guide you in your next steps.

This just hits the surface. A career coach can do so much more than what we’ve touched on. Each coach is unique and many focus on a certain specialty or industry in order to give their clients the best experience possible. The Forem can match you with your ideal career coach, just start here!

Alli Young