Want A Company That Values You? Find One Like This

In the professional world, it's hard to be truly authentic.  On tired days we chug coffee and get to it. On sad days and disappointing days we put on a happy mask and attend to our meetings. On days where we've had huge successes and wins, we suppress the outward joy not offend our colleagues.  But the mask takes a toll and we all need an outlet. 

Being authentic is hard yet important.  Asking questions is critical to growth. Being informed of things that are hidden can create a savvier salary negotiator and help close the persistent wage gap.  

My wish is that women connect with one another authentically within our community. That we can Talk & Collaborate. My wish is that you tap into this community of women. Use this community to share your wins and take solace in your sorrows. Ask those questions you are't able to ask within the confines of your current role. And become informed of culture and comp at companies you seek to work at. Most importantly, connect with your emotions, then work within your community to figure out your plan. Your plan to get a higher salary. To take on that next role. To change jobs. To start out on your own. To start a company. To re-write the rules.

Alli Young