All companies need a blog to express their thoughts on topics relevant to their organization, showcase new features and increase search listings on Google.  Truly, the last one is 'a thing'. 

And, for The Forem this is where we too will have a blog consisting of stories, articles, challenges and exciting moments as we launch and scale this business.   

Despite our serious task of advancing women, we'll try not to take ourselves too seriously.  It's just a place to chat and for us to get a better feel for one another. And it's a place for you to respond and let us know what's on your mind.  Our goal is to customize learnings and workshops based on your needs - so please do let us know how we can better serve our community. 

Big item of the day: As I write this, The NY Post published an article on Discrimination in the Workplace, titled, "Nearly half of working women say they’ve experienced discrimination in the office".   This clearly begs the question: how in the world did this happen and how did this get so bad?  Truth is, I've informally polled my female colleagues and only one felt she was never discriminated against or sexually harassed. ONE out of.... (well, I don't know exactly how many people but my best guess is 50) so,  1 out of 50 women have never been sexually harassed. We can and will do better. 

I have thoughts on how the state of business got this way and more importantly how we'll change it.  This is an important watershed moment for women and I'm proud to have launched this company to help support women achieve their dreams.  This is certainly my dream.  

Talk soon! 

Alli Young

Alli Young