Take Control of Your Personal Brand

We believe that a personal brand is more than a “nice to have.” It’s a critical component of upward mobility because it ties directly to raises, promotions and opportunity.  

You might be thinking:

- How do I begin thinking about my own personal brand?


- Can I be my authentic self while still developing a brand?

The answer is simply this, your brand is an extension of YOU.  It should be based on traits, skills, and passions that align directly with your great strength(s) and it’s really up to you to help people understand and then articulate what your great strengths are.

We teach personal branding to some of the best and most innovative companies in the world, including Google, Pinterest and WeWork and have outlined here for you what we share with them.

How do you develop your personal brand?

Look around you, how many others have the same title as you? Base your brand off your strengths, (vs relying on your title) allows you to stand out from all the other people with the same role, and for women, it allows us to base our brand on our POTENTIAL. When we base our brand on strengths, we have an opportunity to supercharge our brand as well as adjust it as our career (and our life) morphs.

Where To Start?

Identify and start talking about your strengths, with peers, managers, career influencers. When people around you understand what you do really well, you’ll be assigned projects and roles that capitalize on your great skill.

Don’t overthink this process. Simply talk about moments you feel energized and are excited about your work with your manager. This will help her or him understand the projects you should work on, the types of clients to assign you or features to build.

Feeling stuck? Schedule one-to-one coaching to build your Personal Brand with The Forem Coach in a one-hour session. Click here to sign up and schedule time directly with one of our Executive Coaches.

Alli Young