Monthly Coaching Packages


Monthly Coaching Packages

from 800.00

We package coaching into monthly sessions, making it easy to renew if desired. Joanne meets with clients weekly for 50 minutes. You can connect via phone or video conference.

Core areas of focus:

  • The Five Critical Skills (every woman needs to accelerate & break into leadership).

  • Leadership executive development.

  • Excel in your current job in order to gain a promotion.

  • Become a better employee and/or manager.

Our other career coaching services include:

  • Successfully navigating office dynamics

  • Creating a plan to get promoted

  • Earning the money you should be making

  • Transitioning from one career to another

  • Breaking through performance issues and barriers

  • Improving core skills

  • Working with difficult people/situations

  • Improving interview skills

  • Leading successful teams/departments

  • Finding work/life balance

  • Creating building blocks for a new or small (and successful) business

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