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Jeff Bezos says, your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. And In a world where men are evaluated on their potential and women on their past, it’s even more critical for women to control our narrative through a strong personal brand.  

As a Google Sales Executive and Tech Leader, I can tell you that over the course of a career, there are key moments when managers talk about and evaluate staff. Here are the top ones:

  • Annual (or even quarterly) review process

  • A raise

  • Stock allocation

  • A promotion

  • Interviewing

  • Compensation negotiation

  • Allocation of choice projects

  • Headcount allocation during a reorganization

Now let’s tie this back into your personal brand. If you help frame how others talk about you, your expertise, and your career, you’ll ensure that when those people are talking about you when you aren’t in the room; they’ll reference your potential and the value you present. This is how we control our narrative.