Women Will, (And Already Are) Changing The World

A note from our founder:

Did you know women start falling behind men surprisingly early, at their very first promotion? At every subsequent promotion, more men are promoted than women until 80% of executive roles are filled by men. And then CEO's struggle to find women with the “right experience” to fill board and C-Level seats. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

I founded The Forem based on my career as an Executive in Tech, lining up the resources and experts to get women further, faster. Women can compete more effectively by mastering skills such as financial fluency, business acumen, personal brand framework, leadership and navigating corporate politics which are hard to learn from mentors. Mastering these skills opens new opportunities for women within corporations as well as successfully building ones own business. 

But please know, this isn't just about work. I want all women to do what you love. To travel. To have families. To see your friends and pursue a hobby and work out - everyone please work out. It's about growing personally and professionally on a number of levels and having options to pursue one's passion.

And finally, we aren't bad spellers, this company is named after my daughter Emerson. ForEm. It's for my daughter, but also for women starting a career, women stuck in middle management, new graduates and women searching for a new path. Truth be told, it's also for our sons. Our next generation should be able to choose the life they want and not conform to someone else's rules. And the only way we'll get there and improve institutional norms is to dramatically improve diversity. Diversity allows us to rewrite the rules together. 

Our Mission: Provide the support, tools and network that allows women to start rewriting the rules.  

Our Goal: More women in leadership roles faster than before. Period.