The analysis is clear, women are an underutilized resource who are often overlooked and undervalued in Corporate America. This increases risk, reduces productivity and leaves top talent untapped, reducing innovation.  Clearly what we’ve all been doing isn’t enough. Something needs to change and The Forem is here to support the change we need.

The Forem provides the tools and expertise to unlock the full potential of women; think of us as a career accelerant. Our approach is twofold, we work directly with women through coaching while also consulting with corporations on the path to gender equality.

The Forem is built by and for women. We believe the more women in leadership the better off the world will be. We want more women in CEO positions, more women creating policy, more women in government and more women Entrepreneurs. We also know that women don’t need to climb the ladder all at once. There are times to scale back, to experiment, to pause and we support that too. We want you to do what you need to do because you want it, not because your hand was forced by the institution in which you work.

What we offer:

  • A community for women to connect, collaborate and learn from one another

  • An array of experts, each one focused solely on women, customized to address critical moments within a career and in life. This includes both one-to-one and workshop coaching

  • Partnership with corporations to analyze their organizational health as it relates to equality and opportunity for women

The Forem is founded by Alli Young, former Googler and tech executive who decided to build a company based on her experience and career.   It was the observation that incredibly smart and talented women  get overlooked for Executive and Board roles. The observation that even good men with fair and just intentions inadvertently create boys clubs or overlook women for leadership - reinforcing the patriarchy we all live under today.  This is what inspired her to build.  

The Forem supports women every step along the way.  From her first job to her last - and customized to her individualized career needs.   For women graduates we train how to navigate salary negotiations, interviews and the competitive advantage women have when they foster their brand.   We work with new managers, department heads and new moms. We teach strategies that position women for leadership roles and we partner with Corporations teaching how they can reach equality within their own org.   

Our Core Beliefs:

1. Women and men are equally capable; diversity directly correlates to increased revenue, innovation and reduced risk.

2. People are good; unconscious bias prevents career acceleration and detection is difficult

3. Active engagement by Men & Women, Boards & C-Suite is the only path to change

4. We can do this. But we can only do it together