We support L&D, Diversity and Women's Groups within Corporations through workshops and coaching. 

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Workshop Examples

  1. 'Coach-like' management principles

  2. Unconscious bias workshop + leadership training

  3. First time manager workshop with cohorts

  4. 360 reviews

  5. Micro-MBA for emerging women leaders 


Our methodology: Apply coaching to 'moments that matter', not tenure.    

Keeping costs down allows us to scale across larger teams

Events & Coaching for Women

An array of experts, each one focused solely on women, customized to address critical moments within a career to build new, critical skills that support upward career trajectory. This includes both one-to-one and workshops


  1. Salary Negotiation Training: Get paid your worth 

  2. Micro-MBA: If you want to run a department, financial fluency as it relates to P&L is a critical skill that many women don't have. We teach financial acumen, how to run P&L, read a balance sheet and income statement to non-finance people in an easy to understand, no judgement TedTalk style event. 

  3. 4-Part Graduate Program for young Women. Land that job faster, get paid more and show up better so you can get ahead faster. 


Women are not mentored the same way as men. Most women don't have mentors or when they are mentored, it is focused on communication style.  You don't need a coach forever, but you DO need coaches for critical moments in a career where the deck is stacked against women. A few key examples: 

  • First time manager

  • Career Strategy: justify a promotion / raise / bonus

  • Support for working mothers


A community for women to connect, collaborate, source new opportunities and learn from one another

Areas of focus within our community

  • Development of a women-only community to share, support, learn and grow

  • Mentor / Mentee discoverability

  • Update on news that informs and impacts women

  • Promote what's important to you